Cuentos: The Color Black Rules — Bilingual Baby (Re-blog)

I wanted to share the review of this children’s book by Bilingual Baby. Black is one of Sergio’s favorite colors and the book speaks of color equality. Check it out on Bilingual Baby’s post.

There are definitely no pale princesses in this book, and kids are asked directly to rethink their own ideals in a tangible, easy-to-grasp way.

Cuentos: The Color Black Rules — Bilingual Baby

Watercolor of the day ~ Burro Lore (Re-Blog)

Thank you John Klobucher for your work! I had to update this re-blog (8/19/19) to include a quick story about why I loved this watercolor so. My husband taught me to roll my “r’s,” which took a long time to produce well, doesn’t always work, and is not a requirement to speaking Spanish, by making me practice the word burro (it’s a more difficult combination of consonant – a rolling one – and vowel). Donkeys are beloved for many reasons, but for me, it’s personal. Klobucher has many other watercolors to offer. A lot of them feature the beauty of the Southwest and I love that lively aesthetic.

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Art of Lore

Burro Lore #1 ~ Watercolor by John Klobucher

Hello friends and art fans! Here’s a little Art of Lore

Many years ago on an epic quest, I came across this friendly donkey in the Black Hills of South Dakota, not far from Mount Rushmore. But in this painting, she’s made her way a thousand miles southwest to the edge of a Utah canyon where she seems right at home on a narrow trail in the morning sun. Anyone want a ride? Hop on!

Title: Burro Lore
Painted: August 2017
Paints: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours
Paper: Arches Watercolor Block, cold pressed, 140lb 9″x12″

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May the Lore be with you!

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