Do I Expect a Follow-Back?

Absolutely not! I’ve got some pretty tough skin (though not quite tough enough for Twitter, yet. And yeah, I quit Facebook years ago, but there’s other reasons for that departure). If you don’t think we vibe, hey, that’s your prerogative. If I shout you out, that does not mean I expect something in return or that we are connected in some way (monetarily or otherwise). I’m a big girl (however small I appear), on my own two feet. I’m just serious about citations, and using your own work.

Follows, re-blogs, likes, clicks – it’s all become some sort of currency. I don’t value money highly in real life because I’m not poor in love (or privilege). I can grow anything from the ground (if not today, I will some day be able to) and a joke is always free.

So, do I expect a follow-back? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t mind a good read of my thoughts and a comment intended to share a laugh with me.