Garden Troubles

My tomatoes are finally turning red. We bought nine organic tomato plants in late spring and they have grown to be quite tall with many roma tomatoes hanging on the vines. I have not had any problems with pests and the rains have helped immensely. However, I have just lost a few plants.

It happened the other night as we were in bed. A large bang was heard. I assumed that a good sized branch must have fallen on the roof. The next morning, I opened the curtains to my kitchen window to see this.

A fallen limb rests on the electric wire that connects to my house.

The electric company came to lift the branch away and an electrician has been called to fix the mast on the roof (it was pulled quite hard, but not out). The ordeal has been quite scary and we are incredibly lucky that it landed where it did. The trees in my yard were trimmed last year, but branches continue to fall. This limb fell on a perfectly still night, most likely injured from a previous storm.

I have quite the mess to clean up now and I fear that my tomatoes (and jalapeños, which are beneath the limb) have been damaged beyond repair.

So, I picked what I could reach and left the few broken tomatoes in the yard for the squirrels. Oh, this is life. Take a look at your trees, and make sure to trim sick, dying, or damaged limbs. Though the branch wiped out some of my tomato plants, our house is safe. And in all reality, who needs nine tomato plants anyway?