Avocado On

I started an avocado seed back in July. This particular avocado seed was planted with the hope that I could keep it growing in its pot, could spare it from the curious fingers of my son Sergio. Well, I have succeeded so far and mi aguacate is growing well. My house is not good for growing plants indoors – not enough windows and eaves that are too wide. I have no windows that face either the west or east and my house is situated so that little southern light enters my house.

I have settled this avocado on one of my favorite pieces of furniture, next to a window that receives some northern light. I must only remember to open the drapes. Some books keep her company while she sits in the window and while we wait for my curious children to return home.

We struggle on in waiting. And this time, in the hopes that a little someone does look too closely, with an excited imagination as tiny fingers pull the skinny plant right from the pot.