Thursday’s Reflection

I am trying to spend more time living in the moment. However, reflections still occur. Only now, I will schedule a time for them. Thursdays just seemed right.

I want to thank my followers and all the other bloggers on WordPress. Without you guys I don’t know if I would have made it. You reading my words means a lot to me and I have seriously enjoyed my first year of blogging, even with the ups and downs.

Writing has always been a big part of who I am and I am happy to have found some great creators on this platform. I have been inspired by you often.

Again, thank you. Gracias. Have a great Thursday.

Cuentos: The Color Black Rules — Bilingual Baby (Re-blog)

I wanted to share the review of this children’s book by Bilingual Baby. Black is one of Sergio’s favorite colors and the book speaks of color equality. Check it out on Bilingual Baby’s post.

There are definitely no pale princesses in this book, and kids are asked directly to rethink their own ideals in a tangible, easy-to-grasp way.

Cuentos: The Color Black Rules — Bilingual Baby

Haiku for You 2

Inspired by Michael Malachi’s love for furniture and haikus.

I did buy this piece

With my own money from a job

She holds my secrets

I bought this secretary’s desk with money from my first paycheck. I bought it about four years ago with money earned from cleaning cars in Minnesota. We replaced two knobs, some fancy ones that we found at the local Habitat for Humanity, and give the wood a drink with wood polish about twice a year. Other than that, I have left her as I found her. Inside are many trinkets! And lots of paperwork I need to sort through – an odious task.

Either way, I love this piece, and I love Michael’s works, too (which he upcycles!!) Make sure to check him out.

Remember Me

Hopefully, you do. If not, that’s okay, too. I have been suffering lately from a rare form of Post Partum Depression – something that I thought I had under control. But, looking back on things and the manic writing I was doing (the climate crisis has traumatized me because I am concerned for the futures of our children), I was sick. I am healing by following the advice of medical professionals and will not be sharing every step of the journey.

I did not want anyone to think that I had forgotten them, so this is just a note of “Hey, I’m still here,” for some of you. I hope you have all been taking care of your flowers, yourselves, and your babies. One day soon we will be sharing lots more stories – and all of them will be beautiful, full of hope, laughter, nature, and that bittersweet twang of truth.

Easter Eggs

So, I’ve been looking at my writing (who doesn’t read their own stuff?) and finding that I’ve got some puns and/or plays on words that I didn’t notice upon first draft, or even final edit, which never catches all of my errors (but who can pay an editor that knows their grammar well?). I’m not here to brag; some of ’em might not make sense and I might come off as estúpida (new non-native speakers of Spanish: don’t use this word. Not one native-speaker that I know has ever used it (around me) because it’s connotation is that much stronger than ours [como me han dicho]). I’ve also missed a few witty word combinations, but I hate to edit an original work. Alas, what can be done?

Well, it got me thinkin’ on post topics. Most of which I scratched. I scrap a lot of stuff. I’m always cleaning something. Easter egg. Why do they call it that? Isn’t it mostly the Swifties? Don’t put words in my mouth; I can jam to T. Swift any day, but Drake, you’ve always had me in my feelings. Ever since Best I Ever Had. (No innuendos there, I just love that man’s music). I simply don’t understand why they applaud Taylor Swift (or anyone else they apply this reference to) for leaving “Easter eggs” when it’s something that all good writers do: leave a little to the imagination, tell a suspenseful story, create some drama.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I watch what the celebrities do, but they live their own lives (in the same world as mine) and theirs are not something I should judge, or worry about. I just find a lot (not all) of celebrities shallow.

Sure, celebs write catchy songs, dance like hell, act better than I ever could, or know a lot about make-up, but I just want ’em all to stop arguing. Quit engaging on Twitter (the only way to beat a troll) and focus on the big problems that are only beginning to surface (like icebergs. Because no, I don’t care where you’re flying to in your private jet, or what kind of flooring you have). We’ve got a White House full of chuckle-heads, shooters at festivals, concerts, malls, schools from Florida to California, Ohio to Texas. There are people questioning other people on their whereabouts, with skin color as the only probable cause. The LGBTQ community aren’t allowed to decide who they want to like or love, and there are others that think sticking to one language is better than knowing two (or more).

You might think but Alex, you don’t know any of the answers. I don’t know ’em all but I know how to research on Google (and what makes one source fake, and another legit). You need more sources of information if you don’t believe in climate change. You need more sources of information if you aren’t aware of patriarchy and all of it’s dangers. You need more information if you think there’s only one religion, one god.

I’m disabling comments on this one, because I’m not asking for an argument. If you want a conversation, go outside and listen to the trees. Because they’re all starting to fall.

If you really want to talk about this, don’t go trash my other posts’ comment sections (I know what the trolls do). Post a response and tag me in it. #inventmyplace. I’ll read it. I have no qualms with listening to the opinions of others. And that way, you just might contribute to the discussion that’s happening all around us, rather than be stuck at home in awe and fear, confusion or rage, like I usually am. Celebrities have much louder voices than everyone else, and those of us that don’t speak make even less sound.

Trying to Hear the Tulips

This is an example post for the first challenge to flower talk. See rules here. Genre style is this: narrative (include your genre if you wish). I also hope to offer an introduction of some kind as well.

This was our first duplex. The rain always puddled here, in this space between my porch and my neighbor’s. We made a garden of it.
A pink Gerbera adds a pop of color to this shot. My favorite, lamb’s ear, puts forth its flowers in the background (the purple and pale green thing that looks kinda like a weed from a distance)
Tulips were later planted in this make-shift garden (no, the landlord did not help, nor seem to care. But that’s not why we did it). You cannot see them (they hadn’t bloomed). I doubt that they are still there.

Quiero platicar con los tulipanes (dígame si tulipanes no es la palabra correcta). Pero están durmiendo en sus camas de tierra.

I want to chat with the tulips. But they are sleeping in their beds of dirt.

Do I Expect a Follow-Back?

Absolutely not! I’ve got some pretty tough skin (though not quite tough enough for Twitter, yet. And yeah, I quit Facebook years ago, but there’s other reasons for that departure). If you don’t think we vibe, hey, that’s your prerogative. If I shout you out, that does not mean I expect something in return or that we are connected in some way (monetarily or otherwise). I’m a big girl (however small I appear), on my own two feet. I’m just serious about citations, and using your own work.

Follows, re-blogs, likes, clicks – it’s all become some sort of currency. I don’t value money highly in real life because I’m not poor in love (or privilege). I can grow anything from the ground (if not today, I will some day be able to) and a joke is always free.

So, do I expect a follow-back? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t mind a good read of my thoughts and a comment intended to share a laugh with me.

Bear With Me

Everyone is still growing, including this page! Stay tuned for re-blogs, profiles of interesting bloggers, artists, writers, or photographers, guest posts, product reviews or referrals, and the like. Want to be featured? Hit me with the tag #inventmyplace. I don’t use ping or trackbacks (did a few times, but research says no). You could comment also, something witty, and I will peruse your stuff. There’s also a contact page. What am I saying, you know how this stuff works!

I am a new blogger, but have been reading them for years (you guys got me through two pregnancies, so thanks a ton!). I was told to start a blog a few times, but had little will or inspiration (nor the work ethic at the time), to start. Now that I’ve begun, I realize that blogging is an art form (shout out to Christian Mihai over at The Art of Blogging), and a place to create for yourself. It is difficult and requires much more “doing” than the average reader might suspect.

I am having fun writing, but mostly enjoy reading what you have to say. Let’s invent a community. Let’s create a place. Come with me, or be on your merry way. Whatever path you choose, have a lovely day.

P.S. You will notice that I can’t help myself from a rhyme, some alliteration, a pun, or a joke. I think Dr. Seuss has had more of an influence on my writing style than I ever cared to realize. I’m a mom, too, and I love to manipulate a language.

Watercolor of the day ~ Burro Lore (Re-Blog)

Thank you John Klobucher for your work! I had to update this re-blog (8/19/19) to include a quick story about why I loved this watercolor so. My husband taught me to roll my “r’s,” which took a long time to produce well, doesn’t always work, and is not a requirement to speaking Spanish, by making me practice the word burro (it’s a more difficult combination of consonant – a rolling one – and vowel). Donkeys are beloved for many reasons, but for me, it’s personal. Klobucher has many other watercolors to offer. A lot of them feature the beauty of the Southwest and I love that lively aesthetic.

What’s cool about Fine Art America is you can pick the medium you want the artwork you’re buying displayed in (poster, print, wood, canvas, etc.). I receive no commission from John Klobucher or Fine Art America. Click on John’s links if you want to see his page for yourself.

Art of Lore

Burro Lore #1 ~ Watercolor by John Klobucher

Hello friends and art fans! Here’s a little Art of Lore

Many years ago on an epic quest, I came across this friendly donkey in the Black Hills of South Dakota, not far from Mount Rushmore. But in this painting, she’s made her way a thousand miles southwest to the edge of a Utah canyon where she seems right at home on a narrow trail in the morning sun. Anyone want a ride? Hop on!

Title: Burro Lore
Painted: August 2017
Paints: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours
Paper: Arches Watercolor Block, cold pressed, 140lb 9″x12″

To shop for prints and other products featuring your favorite Art of Lore images, visit John Klobucher’s galleries on Fine Art

And for Words of Lore, go to

May the Lore be with you!

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