Can We Have A Conversation?

No, seriously. Let’s talk

How are you and your family/friends?

How are you coping?

Have a question for me?

Dogs or cats?

Red or blue? Or purple?

Have you seen Django Unchained?

Published by

Alexandra A

I'm just a skinny girl with a lot of hair and a couple of stories. I'm 26, married, and have two very active, sparkly-eyed babies. My mother lives with me so I've got my best ally and source of wisdom here, too. Everything I do is for my family. We like to garden, paint, start projects, read, and watch a little bit of Netflix. I'm working on my cooking, parenting with patience, and learning how to love life where I'm at. Though I've abandoned my degree three times in two different states (yes, I said three times), I have listened and watched and picked up a couple of tips. Most of what I write is entirely non-fictional because I let life spin the tales. I'm ready to learn more and am excited to meet others on the same path. This is to serve as a record of what I've done. All pictures have been taken by me, unless otherwise credited.

6 thoughts on “Can We Have A Conversation?”

  1. I used to smoke. I quit during this whole pandemic thing. Feeling pretty good. Sometimes I have the urge to go buy cigs but I am resisting thus far. I like purple too. Like all the colors particularly shades of green and blue. I like pastels for decorating. I saw Django Unchained. It was good. My favorite Dicaprio movies are The Revenant, Gangs of New York, and The Departed. I guess you could say I’m a Martin Scorsese fan based on these choices lol. Anyway, thanks for the questions. Hope you are safe and doing well. Have a good start to May, my favorite month of the year.

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    1. Good for you! Its difficult to quit smoking. Especially during this stressful pandemic. Ugh. But yeah, The Revenant was great. I havent seen the others. Another great DiCaprio movie is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”

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  2. we are fine
    coping just nicely
    how are you feeling from your past mh event? you smoke???
    i have both.
    i prefer blue but my gf says i look good in red
    no and dont plan to.

    i dont usually get into any worth while conversations via this way. it is just too difficult to carry on meaningful conversations.

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