Baking has Begun

Photo by Cathy Scola from Gettyimages

I have begun to bake! As a huge fan of the Great British Baking Show, I’ve had an interest in baking for awhile. However, I lacked confidence to begin.

Well, I have successfully baked two cakes recently and the feeling of having conquered my fears is great. I have a lot to learn about baking, but at least I’ve begun the journey.

Do you like to bake? What is your favorite treat to make?

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Alexandra A

I'm just a skinny girl with a lot of hair and a couple of stories. I'm 26, married, and have two very active, sparkly-eyed babies. My mother lives with me so I've got my best ally and source of wisdom here, too. Everything I do is for my family. We like to garden, paint, start projects, read, and watch a little bit of Netflix. I'm working on my cooking, parenting with patience, and learning how to love life where I'm at. Though I've abandoned my degree three times in two different states (yes, I said three times), I have listened and watched and picked up a couple of tips. Most of what I write is entirely non-fictional because I let life spin the tales. I'm ready to learn more and am excited to meet others on the same path. This is to serve as a record of what I've done. All pictures have been taken by me, unless otherwise credited.

7 thoughts on “Baking has Begun”

  1. I like to bake far more than I like to cook – I’ve never mastered pies which is unfortunate since I LOVE pie! I hope you get around to bread – such a satisfying thing to bake…unfortunately, as with pie dough, bread dough is one of those “you know it’s right by the way it feels” – that takes a bit of trial and error. I know when bread dough ‘feels’ right but somehow pastry dough ‘feels right’ has eluded me.

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      1. Baking IS a matter of precision – it’s science – the balance of liquid to dry, leavening agents – all very precise – and texture. When my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he had to limit his sugar intake I tried using sugar substitutes when baking and no matter how that stuff is advertised it does NOT work. The texture and weight is just all wrong. I learned to bake bread alongside an experienced baker so she would say “Here – feel this, this is how it is supposed to feel and look” – takes a bit of practice, or you may have a knack and get it right away – Give it a go!

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