Baking has Begun

Photo by Cathy Scola from Gettyimages

I have begun to bake! As a huge fan of the Great British Baking Show, I’ve had an interest in baking for awhile. However, I lacked confidence to begin.

Well, I have successfully baked two cakes recently and the feeling of having conquered my fears is great. I have a lot to learn about baking, but at least I’ve begun the journey.

Do you like to bake? What is your favorite treat to make?

7 thoughts on “Baking has Begun”

  1. I like to bake far more than I like to cook – I’ve never mastered pies which is unfortunate since I LOVE pie! I hope you get around to bread – such a satisfying thing to bake…unfortunately, as with pie dough, bread dough is one of those “you know it’s right by the way it feels” – that takes a bit of trial and error. I know when bread dough ‘feels’ right but somehow pastry dough ‘feels right’ has eluded me.

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      1. Baking IS a matter of precision – it’s science – the balance of liquid to dry, leavening agents – all very precise – and texture. When my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he had to limit his sugar intake I tried using sugar substitutes when baking and no matter how that stuff is advertised it does NOT work. The texture and weight is just all wrong. I learned to bake bread alongside an experienced baker so she would say “Here – feel this, this is how it is supposed to feel and look” – takes a bit of practice, or you may have a knack and get it right away – Give it a go!

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