What is it? Is it the ability to carry two children at once, while only weighing 85 pounds? Is it the ability to fight your own mental delusions? Is it the ability to maintain yourself through times of extreme stress?

Yes, it’s all of those things. Plus something else. A small flicker that never stops, that never allows you to give up.

It’s something like a parasite. Something that you want rid of but must carry anyway, through each step of the day.

Strength is physical and mental. Strength is standing straight when you want to slouch. Strength is looking people in the eye when you’d rather close ’em forever. Strength is keeping quiet when you’d rather scream obscenities.

Strength is…exhausting. But we must continue on with something like strength.

7 thoughts on “Strength”

      1. no seriously! when i was like 5 i opened the front door on our farmhouse and the wind blew it open and me, being me, held onto the door as it flew open and slammed into the side of the house. hurt quite a bit! lol but was a fun ride in all


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