Remember Me

Hopefully, you do. If not, that’s okay, too. I have been suffering lately from a rare form of Post Partum Depression – something that I thought I had under control. But, looking back on things and the manic writing I was doing (the climate crisis has traumatized me because I am concerned for the futures of our children), I was sick. I am healing by following the advice of medical professionals and will not be sharing every step of the journey.

I did not want anyone to think that I had forgotten them, so this is just a note of “Hey, I’m still here,” for some of you. I hope you have all been taking care of your flowers, yourselves, and your babies. One day soon we will be sharing lots more stories – and all of them will be beautiful, full of hope, laughter, nature, and that bittersweet twang of truth.

14 thoughts on “Remember Me”

  1. Depression in general never goes away.

    We simply learn to live with it while treating ourselves accordingly in order to balance ourselves when it drops too low close to suicidal thoughts and feelings.


      1. Like addiction I simply accepted being addicted just like I accepted my depression in the past but I see them as natural fun things in life.

        Like going into a haunted house some times for other types of thrills, that’s all depression is to me.

        I seek strange types of adventures in life and depression plus addictions saved the day alongside writing/creating.

        Ironically those are both amazing things to have for creation purposes…

        I flow with my work instead of against it when I am not fully there I guess would be the best explanation of it.

        It’s like letting God or Nature take over while I simply enjoy the show, which is perfect.

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  2. I was just writing about climate change and the impact on mental health yesterday! It’s such a real fear, and while it can be overwhelming, it sounds like you are focusing on what’s right in front of you. One day at a time and keeping yourself focused on what’s right in front of you.

    I appreciate your candor, and respect your need for privacy. Sharing isn’t for everyone, just know that you’re in my thoughts❤️ (and my blog is all about my depression so I get it)

    Take care of yourself!

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