Your Reality Depends on How You Build Your Forms

There are lots of ideas out there in the world. Lots of information, lots of controversy. I have no designs on telling you how to believe. I just want to mention that you can always change your views, outlook, opinions. It takes some analysis of your thoughts, and honesty with yourself. It takes a pinch of humility and a scoop of compassion for others.

As the cliche goes (I love a good cliche. They’re around for a reason: they illustrate a truth) your world (reality) is what you make it.

What is reality? Firstly, reality is not “real.” There is no objective reality, only our subjective ones. Reality is something our brain projects onto the items, people, ideas in our lives. Reality is a contract; one we sign with our global community.

As a child, and now a young woman, I’ve seen a bit of concrete be poured. I’ve seen men build forms. Forms are important to a pour. Forms mold and hold the cement while it dries into the final product. Let me show you something, and you can do with it what you will.

The following is a metaphor, and is not intended to incite the destruction of any concrete or sidewalks. In your town/city, or mine.

Our thoughts are the cement

Our agreement as a whole society is the water

Mix the two together and you’ve got a hard reality.

At the moment, people are “mud-jacking” reality: trying to fix cracks in our ideals/morals by back-filling the old sidewalks with dirt, foam, whatever chemicals those “mud-jackers” use.

Sidewalks are breaking up in every town. And those sidewalks can’t be fixed. Concrete impedes the Earth’s breathing, and no one walks on ’em anymore.

I think a complete “tear out” would do the job; get that concrete off the grass. We will need some jackhammers. We will need some loud voices to break into our reality and dig it out, turn it back into dust, leave space for something new.

Updated to include a credit to my husband, (S.), whose thoughts on how the Earth breathe inspired this post. My husband is an expert in concrete, and it’s how we make our bread. Es mexícano, something that makes me feel persecuted for being proud of. I love my husband because of his culture, not in spite of it. Mexicans don’t steal jobs, they build foundations for them.

P.S. I have tears in my eyes as I write that update and quiero que todos los latino(a)s sepan que estoy con ustedes, y que la única cosa que puedo hacer es tratar de no vivir con miedo. Lo siento por lo que está pasando.

P.P.S. Any and/or all comments including hate speech, threats, forms of racism will be deleted (as they should be). I do not tolerate slurs or disparaging comments, as I’ve said before and will again.

20 thoughts on “Your Reality Depends on How You Build Your Forms”

  1. If Reality is a contract (in my view it would be more of a ‘construct’ each one of us makes up based upon largely insufficient, or perhaps, misinterpreted, information) then, like most contracts, few if any of us read the fine print before we sign up! 😉

    ( I think because of our original misinterpretations…) Reality is then free to add new clauses, remove old ones and generally ‘stuff us around’ as much as it likes once we’ve signed knowing full well that it has the better legal team to ensure it never gets hit with a damaging breach of contract suit! 🙂

    We are David to Reality’s Goliath it’s just most of us never learned how to wield that sling. :-(.


  2. “Mexicans don’t steal jobs, they build foundations for them.” great line!!!
    several years ago i saw a program about migrant workers and that included illegal workers. (i’m not saying your husband is illegal or a migrant worker). the program showed “americans” did not want to do the work the “illegals” (mostly from mexico or even central america) were doing even if the pay was increased for the “americans.” they even had convicts do the work and after a short time, even they refused to do the work! also the “americans” and the convicts did the work worse than the “illegals!” the point the show was making, was the “illegals” were not stealing jobs from americans. as the americans felt those jobs were beneath them to preform. through history, americans, mostly, see some jobs as below them. look at the work the chinese did in the 1800’s and how they were perceived and let’s not forget the slaves.

    america was built on the foundations of others.
    good post!!!!

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    1. Personally, I don’t find any human being with feet (or not) on the ground to be illegal and I think that’s where the problem lies. I don’t understand why this happens, all of what you describe (it’s true), but I think it’s time for it to stop.

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      1. it seems to be human nature, or at least what history shows. some humans feel they are better than others and certain work is only for those that are seen as below them.

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    1. I’m not entirely familiar with 1984, but will be heading that way. Thank you. (I read a lot, but I haven’t read everything! There’s a lot of big stuff out there that I’m totally oblivious to, also. Can’t all know the same stuff ;))

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      1. I would strongly recommend you read that book! (Although I’ve given you a major spoiler already :p)

        I agree. Too much out there to cover. So you always have something to aim towards!

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      2. Ooh, 1984 is an allegory, my favorite kind of writing and probably why his name is so familiar. Allegories are difficult because they require that you know a LOT of stuff about EVERYTHING (IMO). Thank you for pointing Orwell out to me.

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      3. I wasn’t aware of the technical term, but I see what you mean about needing to know a lot about everything; Orwell’s books definitely have that. I hope you enjoy it! You are most welcome 🙂

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      4. Allegories are basically just metaphors that go on and on. A lot of ’em have like political agendas or whatever. I just like that they’re difficult, and would love to give it a whack one day (not anytime soon!).

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