Bear With Me

Everyone is still growing, including this page! Stay tuned for re-blogs, profiles of interesting bloggers, artists, writers, or photographers, guest posts, product reviews or referrals, and the like. Want to be featured? Hit me with the tag #inventmyplace. I don’t use ping or trackbacks (did a few times, but research says no). You could comment also, something witty, and I will peruse your stuff. There’s also a contact page. What am I saying, you know how this stuff works!

I am a new blogger, but have been reading them for years (you guys got me through two pregnancies, so thanks a ton!). I was told to start a blog a few times, but had little will or inspiration (nor the work ethic at the time), to start. Now that I’ve begun, I realize that blogging is an art form (shout out to Christian Mihai over at The Art of Blogging), and a place to create for yourself. It is difficult and requires much more “doing” than the average reader might suspect.

I am having fun writing, but mostly enjoy reading what you have to say. Let’s invent a community. Let’s create a place. Come with me, or be on your merry way. Whatever path you choose, have a lovely day.

P.S. You will notice that I can’t help myself from a rhyme, some alliteration, a pun, or a joke. I think Dr. Seuss has had more of an influence on my writing style than I ever cared to realize. I’m a mom, too, and I love to manipulate a language.

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