A Conversation With Impatiens

I love impatiens. They are annuals, though I’ve had them pop back up the following year. For a super easy flower that gives a lot of color, buy a flat of mixed impatiens – red, pink, white, coral (rojo, rosado, blanco, coral), and plant them however you like (it is too late to plant annuals in my area at time of publishing, but there is always a next year). This spring I planted them in my front yard, in front of a white fence that guards the front door.

It started to rain very hard while I, Sergio, and Fortuna planted these dozen or so impatiens in a line (as straight as I could get it). It had been a hot day, and a large tree protected us from above, though not enough to keep us from getting soaked in the short-lived downpour. I love impatiens because they tend to spread into a little bush. They love the shade (sombra) and are easy to grow if given lots of water (though not so much that it is bothersome).

These white impatiens are a different kind, a New Guinea impatien I think. They grow with some English Ivy that wintered over by himself in one of my favorite blue pots, which has its own story (we did have snow and ice this past winter and I forgot about the ivy, but he made it). The leaves (hojas) of this impatien are quite something.

These flowers will all leave me into the fall, but behind them will stay the dirt and another opportunity for conversations with impatiens.

Gracias por sus colores.

Thank you for your colors.

6 thoughts on “A Conversation With Impatiens”

  1. “They are annuals, though I’ve had them pop back up the following year. ” ????????
    um, are they not suppose to came back if they are “annuals?”


      1. thanks for setting me straight. also, my copy of the “official sherlock puzzle book” arrived today. 🙂 now to give it time to turn the pages and see how stupid i am. lol


      2. Of course. I’ll set you straight any day you need, buddy. Lol I’m sure you will surprise yourself in that book – I highly doubt you are stupid. The intro is pretty funny and actually I think the book is designed to make you feel a little stupid.

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