Joking With Jalapeños

Jajaja. Los jalapeños me cuentan los chistes mejores. ¡Pero no se burlen de mí!

Hahaha. The jalapeños tell me the best jokes. But don’t make fun of me!

Published by

Alexandra A

I'm just a skinny girl with a lot of hair and a couple of stories. I'm 26, married, and have two very active, sparkly-eyed babies. My mother lives with me so I've got my best ally and source of wisdom here, too. Everything I do is for my family. We like to garden, paint, start projects, read, and watch a little bit of Netflix. I'm working on my cooking, parenting with patience, and learning how to love life where I'm at. Though I've abandoned my degree three times in two different states (yes, I said three times), I have listened and watched and picked up a couple of tips. Most of what I write is entirely non-fictional because I let life spin the tales. I'm ready to learn more and am excited to meet others on the same path. This is to serve as a record of what I've done. All pictures have been taken by me, unless otherwise credited.

6 thoughts on “Joking With Jalapeños”

    1. Hahaha yes!! They can be a bit mean tho from all that spice. I’m in Southern Illinois but I’m not from here originally. I’m from Northern Illinois (lol it’s actually quite a distance) but I’ve come to love this sun and growing season!!


      1. Ooh, hibiscus!. They dont attract bugs as much do they? I know bugs are essential to the plant process but goodness these FL bugs are aggressive

        Ever been to NC, those spiders will have you running for the hills😬


      2. I think there is something you have to watch hibiscus for; causes buds to fall off I think and then you can use a topical or something. Probably depends on the type. I’m going to check dinner or later.

        Never been to NC, but I don’t mind spiders. They are the good guys.

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