Pondering on a Poem

I usually don’t dabble in poetry. I don’t understand the rhythms involved and leave it to those with more…flow or something. I don’t know what it takes to write poetry, but sometimes I stand under the impossibly blue, impossibly vast sky and the Earth hums to me, tells me what to say. This probably won’t make much sense, but I didn’t think poetry had to. If you have a much better poem (let’s stick to the theme of wilderness or the outdoors), leave it in the comments.

stay with me now,

as i jump from thought to thought

the stepping stones are covered with moss

yes, it feels quite soft

the winds are in the treetops, the sky is about to fall

and if we don’t have a tomorrow

i’ll tell ya now,

i swear i loved it all

6 thoughts on “Pondering on a Poem”

  1. I am passionate about poetry, and because I am old and schooled in the classics, I do look askance at what is dubbed poetry these days. Writing poetry is hard work, I know, I’ve done it for years But for ME, the basic requirement for words to be considered poetry is that there is a consistent meter, or rhythm, if you prefer. A poem doesn’t have to rhyme. I’ve never written about the wilderness or the outdoors – not things I am passionate about. I like your first 2 lines very much and the last 3 lines almost work – “and if we don’t have a tomorrow” – Drop the ‘and’ and drop the ‘a’ – and go from there. Listen to the rhythm. Just my opinion, hon, and we all know how much opinions are worth, and how much they are welcome (I think the answers would ‘nothing’ and ‘not at all’ LOL)

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    1. I also thought about dropping the ‘and.’ 😉 I appreciate the rule following and the opinion. I think my problems come from not having much of a rhythm to begin with lol. I have studied music (not enough to count probably) and listen to it (I’m no #musiclover) but I just don’t have it.

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