Welcome to Watermelon Forest

Last year, we planted watermelon (a personal variety) in the raised beds. We bent a hoop over their area and tried to grow them up the hoop. It didn’t really work, but it wasn’t a total failure. The watermelon (la sandía, if you’re interested to know) never reached ripeness: each one revealed a pale green or pale pink inside when chopped in two. This year, I let the strawberries (las fresas) grow there instead.

The strawberries had a great time in the beginning of the summer and I picked a few several times. Now, there are no strawberries. The watermelon has returned. Watermelon cannot be perrennials, and must have re-seeded themselves. I should look it up on Google, but there is life without Google and that life is growing right in front of me.

I hope that these watermelon ripen (you cannot see them for the leaves), but only time will tell.

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