A Storm of The Mind

Unfortunately, in my opinion, I am a writer. I was born with thoughts in my head that wanted to be written on paper. I set to work as a young girl, creating an office from upturned plastic tubs, giving myself deadlines, bringing my copies to anyone who would read them. I wrote about dogs, and birthdays, and the animals I met on the farm. What is there to write when you have yet to live a life?

As I grew older, the thoughts, wanting to be written, remained. But a pen would not fit in my hand, the cursor would not stop blinking, the sight of a notebook turned my stomach. I could not, would not write. Yes, I wrote for school, and always received good feedback. But that feedback never felt right.

I don’t write for feedback. I don’t know what I write for. Yes, I write for feedback. Of course, I want to affect with my words. But there are so many sometimes, and then there are none. How do I capture, organize, remember?

Unfortunately, I will always have to write and there will always be a storm in my mind. I am learning to capture the inspiration, to reign in the winds of words, and put something down, finally, after so much time of blank paper.

5 thoughts on “A Storm of The Mind”

      1. I struggled with depression for a very long time…it left me with muddled thoughts and no energy or will to do anything, let alone be expressive and creative. Once I started to improve, I felt compelled to write and share! It’s kind of amazing actually…since then, I’ve started my second, personal blog, written 2 children’s books (my first ever), and become a speaker in my professional network sharing my journey dealing with depression…😊


      2. I know this, I read some of both blogs. 😉 You have accomplished a lot. Depression is in my family (thankfully I only get a mild case once in a while) so I know that it can cripple even the strongest of people. I think creativity is one of the best ways to help. If you can even get creative though.

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