Washcloths Are Worth It

So, everyone is talking about replacing paper towels. I like paper towels, but use linen dishcloths more often. It’s surprising how much we have been trained to rely on paper towels. But there’s something else you should stop buying: loofahs. I am not talking about sponges that come from luffa gourds; if you can grow those, go ahead! I am referring to the balls of plastic netting that we buy every few months to use in the shower. Have you ever seen one come apart? Don’t use them. Just use washcloths. They last (some of my washcloths have been in my linen closet for years), they work (you can also use them for teething babies), and they are not made from plastic, recycled or otherwise. I use simple white washcloths, and when they become worn or particularly discolored, I switch them to the kitchen’s basket of linens. Washcloths instead of louffas is a simple change, and keeps plastic out of our oceans and landfills.

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Alexandra A

I'm just a skinny girl with a lot of hair and a couple of stories. I'm 26, married, and have two very active, sparkly-eyed babies. My mother lives with me so I've got my best ally and source of wisdom here, too. Everything I do is for my family. We like to garden, paint, start projects, read, and watch a little bit of Netflix. I'm working on my cooking, parenting with patience, and learning how to love life where I'm at. Though I've abandoned my degree three times in two different states (yes, I said three times), I have listened and watched and picked up a couple of tips. Most of what I write is entirely non-fictional because I let life spin the tales. I'm ready to learn more and am excited to meet others on the same path. This is to serve as a record of what I've done. All pictures have been taken by me, unless otherwise credited.

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